Bay Offroaders have taken on a new lease on life and are no longer dormant in the New Zealand offroading community. We are associated with AASA, which is the Australian Auto Sports Alliance who is venturing into the New Zealand motorsport scene.

Bay Offroaders is a club rejuvenated by:

  • President – Richard Crabb
  • Vice President – Mal Langley
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Vanessa Russell & Louise Houghton
  • Scrutineer – Mal Langley
  • Committee – Richard Crabb, Mal Langley, Gary Baker, Jared McGillivray, Vanessa Russell
  • Clerk of the Course – Jim Cato
  • Chief Steward – Tony Saelman
  • Points Coordinator – Vanessa Russell & Louise Houghton

Our events are open to all ORANZ (www.oranz.co.nz) and AASA registered members (www.aasa.com.au). More information on classes and race formats to follow.

More information to follow – watch this space!